# last modified: 2024-03-05

# Get Community Help and Support

The AlmaLinux Worldwide Community is made up of users with diverse skill sets and experience levels who can assist and support you across a range of questions, topics, and troubleshooting technical issues.

There are various spaces, forums and chats for discussions so that you can reach out to the Community.


Please, note, that typically signing up is required to join AlmaLinux discussion spaces.

# Community Chats

Community chats allow users to communicate in various channels, each with specific topics like Packaging, Cloud, and Documentation, etc. If you have a question or need help, post a question in the General (opens new window) channel or in the relevant channel for assistance.

# Forums

AlmaLinux OS also provides public forums for free information sharing and assistance from other AlmaLinux members. Additional Subforum categories foster conversations around a specific aspect of AlmaLinux.

# Mailing Lists

You can receive information, announcements, news letters, and updates over email by subscribing to the AlmaLinux Mailing Lists (opens new window).

# Social Media

If you want to stay up-to-date, stay tuned on AlmaLinux Social Media:

# Chat Policies

We kindly ask any Community member to:

  • Be respectful and polite to others.
  • Refrain from using offensive language or harassing others.
  • Be mindful of cultural and social sensitivities when engaging in conversation.
  • Avoid sharing personal information or disclosing confidential details.
  • Respect each other's diverse skills and abilities.
  • For those, who are sharing their expertise, provide as much detail as possible to enhance understanding and collaboration among all members.
  • Report any violations of the rules to the AlmaLinux OS Foundation.

# Getting Help Recommendations

For the convenience of all Community members and a faster response, we advise minding these recommendations when posting a question/issue:

  • Formulate a question/problem. It should be formulated clearly and easily to understand.
  • Provide as many details including software/hardware information as possible.
  • Provide any logs that might be relevant and helpful.
  • Provide any command output that might be relevant and helpful.

# Providing an output

When asking for assistance, we kindly ask you to use the mentioned below ways of sharing any output.

Note, that it's preferable and recommended to use bash syntax.

# paste.almalinux.org

We suggest you use the https://paste.almalinux.org/ (opens new window) service for sharing your outputs.

  • Navigate to https://paste.almalinux.org/ (opens new window)

  • Select bash syntax.

  • Create a file name that is easy to understand.


  • Enter your code/output in the window and select its expiration time.


  • Click the Add another file to add more code/output pieces.

  • Click the Paste button to complete.


  • Copy the link, paste it to the chat and send it with a message describing your problem. Download your output if needed for further usage.


# Markdown code block

Another way to send your output is to use Markdown elements to enter your code/output.

This example is based on Mattermost chat.

  • Click on the code chat element.


  • It will create an input code element - ``. Extend it to be a code block and add bash syntax. Write your output into this code block.

    enter your output

    That is how it will look in the chat: image

  • Click the eye sign in the top left corner to preview how your output looks: image

  • Send the output with a message describing your problem.