# Containers on AlmaLinux

In the evolving world of development and deployment, containers have become essential tools, bringing consistency, scalability, and efficiency to the forefront. At AlmaLinux, we've embraced this trend, with our Cloud Special Interest Group (Cloud SIG) playing a pivotal role in aligning our offerings with the needs of the community.

Docker Images: Our Docker images are optimized for a seamless deployment experience, mirroring the reliability and performance that AlmaLinux is known for. Ideal for developers who want the stability of AlmaLinux within the Docker environment.

OCI Images: The Open Container Initiative (OCI) lays down the standards for modern container technologies. AlmaLinux's OCI images uphold these standards, ensuring compatibility and smooth operation with various container tools and orchestration platforms.

Dive into the future of application deployment with AlmaLinux's tailored container solutions.