# last updated: 2024-04-18

# AlmaLinux Migration Projects

AlmaLinux offers two projects for migrating your machine, each designed for specific migration paths.

See the general overviews of options to select the tool/project that best fits your requirements.

# AlmaLinux Migration Tool

AlmaLinux Migration Tool (opens new window) can be used to convert your EL8 or EL9 machine to the corresponding version.

The tool supports the following migration paths:


See the Migration Guide for the conversion steps.

# AlmaLinux ELevate Project

The ELevate project is an initiative to support migrations between major versions of RHEL-derivatives.

The Leapp utility (opens new window) and a few patches (opens new window) are used to perform in-place migrations between CentOS 7 and Enterprise Linux (EL) 8, and between EL8 and EL9 systems.

The Red Hat Upgrade Tool (opens new window) is used to perform in-place migration between CentOS 6 and CentOS 7.

ELevate supports a number of 3rd party repositories for all supported systems:

  • EPEL
  • Imunify
  • KernelCare
  • MariaDB
  • nginx
  • PostgreSQL

The project supports the following migration paths:


* - migration to CentOS Stream 9 is currently in process and will be available later.
** - migration to Oracle Linux 9 is available with the Oracle Leapp utility (opens new window) and will not be supported by ELevate project.

See the ELevate section for the update steps.