# About the project

The ELevate project is an initiative to support migrations between major versions of RHEL-derivatives. The Leapp utility (opens new window) and a few patches (opens new window) to support migration from non-RHEL operating systems are used to perform the upgrade.

# Available migration paths


At present, the ELevate project only supports official operating systems repositories. As for external repositories, EPEL support for CentOS 7 to EL8 derivatives is currently in testing and so, the ELevate Testing Guide should be followed. For known and frequent issues, please, check the ELevate Frequent Issues page.

There are several ways to perform upgrade these days. Here is the list to see which migration directions are available:


* - migration to CentOS Stream 9 is currently in process and will be available later.
** - migration to Oracle Linux 9 is available with the Oracle Leapp utility (opens new window) and will not be supported by ELevate project.

# How to migrate

Please, visit the ELevate Quickstart Guide to see the update steps and the Demo.

# Package Evolution Service

The Leapp utility uses several configuration files. The biggest one is the package evolution data file pes-events.json. We’ve launched Package Evolution Service (opens new window) (PES) to allow collaboration on creating and improving this data. This service allows you to download, customize and submit new data sets for packages. Users and maintainers can both utilize the PES to help make migrations smooth and easy. Check the ELevate Contribution Guide to learn how you can improve PES data.

# How to Contribute

ELevate is developed and built as a tool for the whole ecosystem, not just AlmaLinux. ELevate supports migrating to/from other distributions and is open for all to contribute to and enhance. You can find more information and FAQ about migration on almalinux.org/elevate (opens new window) and Migration SIG, contribute using ELevate Contribution Guide, and get any help on AlmaLinux Chat on Mattermost (opens new window).