Benchmarking against RHEL AlmaLinux Oracle Linux Rocky Linux CentOS Stream CentOS Linux
Production Version Since March 2021 Since 2006 Since June 2021 Since 2019 Since 2004
Strives 1:1 binary RHEL binary compatibility Yes Yes Yes Compatible within the limits of the ACG (opens new window) Yes
Regular updates delay About 1 business day About 1 business day About 1 business day Upstream of RHEL About 1 business day
Last minor version release delay 1 day (opens new window) 7 days (opens new window) 5 days (opens new window) N/A N/A
Errata Yes Yes Yes No No
Lifecycle 10 Years 10 Years 10 Years 5-6 Years EOL on 2021-12-31
Commercial support 3rd party Oracle, 3rd parties 3rd Party 3rd party 3rd party
Livepatching service KernelCare Oracle Ksplice, KernelCare Available KernelCare Available Not available KernelCare, Kpatch
FIPS compliance Planned Yes Planned Not available Not available
ARM support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
IBM PowerPC support Yes No No Yes Yes
IBM Z (s390x) support Yes No No No No
SecureBoot Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Owned By: AlmaLinux OS Foundation Oracle Inc Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation Red Hat Inc Red Hat Inc
Owned by org type: Non-Profit 501(c)6 For Profit C-Corp For Profit, Public Benefit Corp For Profit C-Corp For Profit C-Corp