Benchmarking against RHEL AlmaLinux Oracle Linux Rocky Linux CentOS Stream CentOS Stable
Production Version Since March 2021 Since 2006 RC. Not Production Since 2021 Since 2004
Strives 1:1 binary RHEL binary compatibility Yes Almost*
(some divergance in glibc, openssl and other components)
Yes N/A Yes
Regular updates delay About 1 business day About 1 business day Unknown Upstream of RHEL Going to EOL
Minor version release delay 1 Week 1 week Unknown N/A Going to EOL
Errata Yes Yes No No No
Lifecycle 10 Years 10 Years 10 Years 5 Years 5 year
Commercial support 3rd party Oracle, 3rd parties No. Maybe 3rd Party 3rd party 3rd party
Livepatching service KernelCare Oracle Ksplice, KernelCare Available KernelCare Available*
(planned, once stable)
Not available KernelCare, Kpatch
FIPS compliance Planned Q1, 2022 Yes Planned Not available FIPS 140-2
ARM support Beta Yes RC. Not Production Yes Yes
PowerPC support Planned Q3, 2021 Yes No Yes Yes
SecureBoot Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Owned By: AlmaLinux OS Foundation Oracle Inc Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation Red Hat Inc Red Hat Inc
Owned by org type: Non-Profit 501(c)6 For Profit C-Corp For Profit, Public Benefit Corp For Profit C-Corp For Profit C-Corp