# Documentation | Security Guides

In this section of the wiki, we emphasize AlmaLinux OS security through:

  • OpenSCAP: Comprehensive guides on evaluating system security configurations.
  • OVAL: Standardized definitions for AlmaLinux to consistently assess vulnerabilities.
  • SBOM: Resources on tracking software components for transparency.
  • Security Errata: Regular updates on the latest security patches and updates.

# About Our Security Mindset

For AlmaLinux OS Project ensuring its security is paramount for several reasons:

  • Trust: Users and organizations need to trust that the OS isn't compromised, ensuring the safety of their data and applications.
  • Stability: Security vulnerabilities can lead to system instability. A secure OS is generally a more stable OS.
  • Data Integrity: Protecting the OS from unauthorized access ensures the integrity of the data it holds.
  • Threat Landscape: Linux-based systems, due to their widespread use especially in server environments, are continuous targets for attackers. Keeping them secure is an ongoing necessity.
  • Reputation: AlmaLinux aims to be a reliable RHEL fork. Maintaining a strong security posture is essential for its reputation and adoption.
  • Compliance: Many organizations are subject to regulatory standards that mandate specific security controls and measures. A secure OS helps these organizations achieve and maintain compliance.