# AlmaLinux OS Foundation

The AlmaLinux OS Foundation is 501(c)(6) non-profit organization. It owns all assets related to AlmaLinux OS. It is governed by a set of Bylaws (opens new window).

# We strive to be transparent

The goals of a Community-owned operating system needs to include transparency in all things. If you ever have a question, request, or need that isn't being satisfied through the available channels, you may always reach out to any member of the board for assistance. As of January 10th, 2023 the board has adopted a Code of Ethics (opens new window).

As of December 17, 2023, the foundation has a 9 board directors.

Non-voting invited experts to the board

  • David Snead (opens new window) - David is the current Legal Counsel at WebPros and acts in a general advisory role for the AlmaLinux OS Foundation board

# First board elections

# The plans for the board

  • The board has completed the membership structure, and has opened membership. Blog post (opens new window) Press Release (opens new window)
  • Igor Seletskiy has stepped down from the Board of Directors, and the Board has elected benny Vasquez to replace him.
  • The board will be expanded to up to 13 directors (as new Platinum members arrive) to make sure that no single company controls the AlmaLinux OS Foundation.

# Assets and build environment

All the code we release is under GPL3 or MIT license. All the trademarks and assets are owned by AlmaLinux OS Foundation.

Some assets were initially owned by CloudLinux, Inc, but were transferred from CloudLinux to the AlmaLinux OS Foundation.

asset What needs to be done Status
almalinux.org domain Assign the rights to AlmaLinux, in theory, we can leave the control over it to the CloudLinux IT folks, same as over the rest AlmaLinux infrastructure DONE as of May 24, 2021
AlmaLinux OS trademark sublicense Request CloudLinux Foundation to re-assign AlmaLinux OS from CL to AlmaLinux OS Foundation DONE, Sublicense ID number 20210506-0001
social media accounts Reassign them to AlmaLinux OS Foundation. In Progress
github almalinux account Already open-sourced, nothing needs to be done DONE
Build/Test system Work has started to open source it, but it will require some time. ETA - end of Q2 or Q3 DONE (opens new window)
RPM signing keys Need to be "assigned" as belonging to AlmaLinux OS Foundation, need to come up with signing ceremony, who controls it Q3 2023: Need to come up with rules for holding keys
EV certificate for Secure Boot We've been on an AlmaLinux owned cert since 8.8/9.2 DONE
Logo License for the foundation Transfer documents, and initial acquisition document uploaded into a Logo Transfer folder, transfer document signed DONE - all assets in the Google drive

# Minutes of AlmaLinux OS Foundation Board Meetings

The Board of Directors meets monthly on the second Tuesday of the month. At each meeting, the board works to keep minutes so that they can be approved as part of that meeting and shared immediately after the meeting completes. In the event that there is little to discuss, the Chair of the board may opt to cancel a meeting, allowing the board to meet every other month.

# Membership Committee

In September of 2021, the Board of Directors opened up membership applications (opens new window) for all the members of the AlmaLinux community wishing to participate in the future of AlmaLinux. The Board also ratified the Membership Committee Governance, and appointed a selection of existing Foundation Members to participate in the Membership Committee.

The Membership Committee meets on the third Tuesday of every month for 30 minutes as long as there are applicants to be reviewed, and reviews as many applications as the time allows.

As of Oct 11, 2021 the Membership Committee consists of: