# AlmaLinux Board of Directors Election 2023

# 2023 - Election Results

New Board Members:

# Votes cast

# Contributor and Mirror members, 200 voters out of 351 possible

# Platinum members, 1 voter, out of 2 possible

# Gold members, 2 voters out of 3 possible

# Silver members, 7 voters out of 11 possible

# Process

The AlmaLinux OS Foundation is running an election to fill 3 vacant seats on the Board of Directors. The election will start on December 1st, 2023.

At this stage we are looking for nominees for the Board of Director position. To be nominated you have to:

  • Be an AlmaLinux OS Foundation member for at least 3 months by Dec 1st, 2023
  • Be nominated by an AlmaLinux OS Foundation member in good standing

To nominate someone email name & contact information of nominee to elections@almalinux.org

Please, check FAQ section for more information.

# Nominees

  • image Alejandro Iribarren (opens new window) - Alejandro has strong ties within the AlmaLinux community and can represent the scientific use-case of AlmaLinux, both internally at the CERN site as well as throughout our HEP (high energy physics) associates. nominated by Ben Morris
  • Image Jun Yoshida (opens new window) - Jun is an Executive Officer of CyberTrust Japan and a member of the AlmaLinux community. He has been a strong advocate for AlmaLinux in Japan. nominated by Koichiro Iwao

Last updated Dec 1, 2023

# Election Committee


  • When does the election start?

    • The election starts on Dec 1st, 2023 and run until Dec 16th, 2023. If we don't reach quorum by Dec 16th, the election will stay open until quorum is reached.
    • To reach the quorum we need 50% of all Foundation members to vote.
  • Can I nominate myself?

    • No, you must be nominated by a supporting member in good standing.
  • Who can be nominated?

    • Any member in good standing, approved by the membership committee not less than 3 months before the election
    • Note: only members in good standing may nominate a potential board member, and each nominee must have a supporting member (you cannot nominate yourself).
  • How can I nominate someone?

    • E-Mail name & contact information of nominee to elections@almalinux.org
  • My company is a member sponsor, can it nominate any company employee?

    • Yes, sponsors can nominate any company employee, but if the employee is terminated, or company sponsorship laps, the person may be asked to step down from the role.
  • Who can vote?

    • Any Platinum, Gold, Silver, Contributor, User, Alumnus, or Mirror member in good standing, approved by the membership committee on or before November 29th.
  • How can I vote?

    • You will get a link to the voting page in your e-mail on the day voting starts.
  • How many votes does each member get?

    • Contributor, Alumnus, Mirror members: 1 vote each
    • Platinum sponsors: 50 votes each
    • Gold sponsors: 15 votes each
    • Silver sponsors: 5 votes each
  • What is the minimum number of votes you need to win?

    • At least 50% of our membership must vote in order for the election to be valid
    • Top 3 candidates with most votes will win
  • How many seats are on the board, and how many are vacant?

    • There are 9 seats on the board, 3 are vacant, the other 6 were elected last year and do not need to be re-elected at this time.
  • How long does a director serve?

    • A term on the board is 3 years, unless the director leaves for any reasons.
  • What platform will you use for the elections?

    • Helios.
  • How are vacancies handled in the event that a director leaves before the end of their term?

    • If a seat is vacated less than three months before a planned election, the board may fill the vacancy by a majority vote, or may choose to leave the seat vacant.
    • If a seat is vacated more than three months before a planned election, the board must trigger an election to fill the seat or appoint someone to fill the seat.
  • Are directors on the board compensated?

    • Board positions are not compensated positions
  • Is Director at the AlmaLinux OS Foundation a full-time position?

    • It is not a full-time position.
  • How is the Chair of the board of directors elected?

    • The chair is one of the officers elected by the at the first meeting of a new board of directors, or as needed.
  • Can two members of the board also work at the same company?

    • No.