# AlmaLinux Errata

# About Errata

Errata are package updates like some enhancements and features, bug fixes and security patches. These updates can be found at errata.almalinux.org (opens new window) as a list of errata advisories.


Advisories are published text to help users get the information that errata provide and their impact. There are three types of advisories:

  • ALSA - AlmaLinux Security Advisory - considered the most important type as it contains security fixes
  • ALBA - AlmaLinux Bug Advisory - contains bug fixes
  • ALEA - AlmaLinux Enhancement Advisory - contains enhancements and new features

These advisories are ranked by severity: Critical, Important, Moderate and Low.

Besides type and severity details, each advisory includes some description, references, a list of updated packages and the release date.


# How to access errata

  • You can find updateinfo.xml files in repos and mirrors. Or run the following command to see the list of advisories as an output:
dnf updateinfo --list

# Mailing list

You can subscribe to the AlmaLinux errata mailing list (opens new window) to receive notifications about errata package releases.