# Contributing to the AlmaLinux project

# Help with reporting bugs and making fixes

To make AlmaLinux successful, we need the close involvement of the community members. We use our bug tracking system to find, track, and fix bugs. We encourage AlmaLinux users to help us by filling in bug-reports. You can track and discuss all bugs on bugs.almalinux.org (opens new window).

# Improve the documentation

It makes no sense to talk about the importance of documentation, it is like an investment in the future. It can take time and energy, but it is essential to create full and comprehensive documentation together.

If you want to participate, do the following:

  1. Fork the Wiki repository (opens new window).
  2. Edit or create a page.
  3. Commit your changes.
  4. Create a pull-request as described in the GitHub documentation (opens new window).

The Wiki is powered by VuePress (opens new window), so it's pretty easy to run it locally (run all commands from the project's root):

  1. Install necessary dependencies:
    $ yarn install
  2. Run a development web-server:
    $ yarn docs:dev
  3. Your local Wiki instance should be up and running on http://localhost:8080/ (opens new window).

# Help with Azure mirrors deployment

We want to make sure that AlmaLinux images in Azure Cloud will use local mirrors for each region, and don't pay for traffic. More info here.

# More ways to help for DevOps & Programmers