# Special interest groups

Special interest groups (SIGs) are teams within the AlmaLinux OS community that are focused on specific topics. Each SIG has its own channel on our Mattermost (opens new window) chat server chat.almalinux.org (opens new window), but may communicate and work in different ways. Each SIG's details are found in the pages below.

The following SIGs are already established:

  • Build System - The AlmaLinux OS build system developers and maintainers.
  • Core - The AlmaLinux OS distribution developers and maintainers.
  • Cloud - The AlmaLinux OS cloud and container images maintainers.
  • Infrastructure - The AlmaLinux OS infrastructure team.
  • Live Media - The AlmaLinux OS Live Media maintainers.
  • Migration - The AlmaLinux OS Migration maintainers.
  • Marketing - The AlmaLinux OS Marketing team.

# Additional Resources