# Cloud SIG

The Cloud team is responsible for AlmaLinux OS container and cloud images.

The Cloud SIG uses the SIG/Cloud (opens new window) chat channel for communication.

# Deliverables

The pre-built AlmaLinux OS images are listed below:

Name Download URL
AWS Marketplace AMI aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B094C8ZZ8J (opens new window)
AWS community AMIs wiki.almalinux.org/cloud/AWS.html (opens new window)
Docker Hub hub.docker.com/_/almalinux (opens new window)
Generic Cloud (cloud-init) wiki.almalinux.org/cloud/Generic-cloud.html (opens new window)
OpenNebula wiki.almalinux.org/cloud/OpenNebula.html (opens new window)
Google Cloud cloud.google.com/compute/docs/images#almalinux (opens new window)
LXC/LXD images.linuxcontainers.org (opens new window)
Quay.io quay.io/repository/almalinux/almalinux (opens new window)
Vagrant boxes app.vagrantup.com/almalinux (opens new window)

# Help wanted

  • Vagrant + Parallels Desktop box maintainer.
  • Optimized images for Digital Ocean and other cloud providers.
  • Design and implement an images CI/CD pipeline. Automatically check images for security vulnerabilities.
  • Design and automate test scenarios.
  • Technical writers for working on documentation.
  • DevOps engineers for setting up and maintaining the related infrastructure.

If you can help, please join us at Cloud SIG on Mattermost (opens new window)

# SIG members