# Cloud SIG

The Cloud team is responsible for AlmaLinux OS container and cloud images.

# How to Join

Joining is easy! You can show up to a meeting, pick up an issue from the list by assigning it to yourself, or ask questions in chat! Not every contributor wants to be a part of the SIG, but if you do, joining is simple.

Where we chat

The Cloud SIG uses the SIG/Cloud (opens new window) chat channel on chat.almalinux.org (opens new window) for communication.

Where and when we meet

We do not currently hold regular meetings, but work asynchronously in mattermost to accomplish our goals.

# Activities, projects, and deliverables

The pre-built AlmaLinux OS images are listed below:

Name Download URL
AWS Marketplace AMI aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B094C8ZZ8J (opens new window)
AWS community AMIs wiki.almalinux.org/cloud/AWS.html (opens new window)
Azure images wiki.almalinux.org/cloud/Azure.html (opens new window)
Docker Hub hub.docker.com/_/almalinux (opens new window)
Generic Cloud (cloud-init) wiki.almalinux.org/cloud/Generic-cloud.html (opens new window)
OpenNebula wiki.almalinux.org/cloud/OpenNebula.html (opens new window)
Google Cloud cloud.google.com/compute/docs/images#almalinux (opens new window)
LXC/LXD images.linuxcontainers.org (opens new window)
Quay quay.io/almalinuxorg (opens new window)
GitHub Packages github.com/orgs/AlmaLinux/packages (opens new window)
Vagrant boxes app.vagrantup.com/almalinux (opens new window)

# Help wanted

  • Vagrant + Parallels Desktop box maintainer.
  • Optimized images for Digital Ocean and other cloud providers.
  • Design and implement an images CI/CD pipeline. Automatically check images for security vulnerabilities.
  • Design and automate test scenarios.
  • Technical writers for working on documentation.
  • DevOps engineers for setting up and maintaining the related infrastructure.

If you can help, please join us at SIG/Cloud on Mattermost (opens new window)

# SIG members