# AlmaLinux OS Amazon Web Services AMIs

AlmaLinux OS offers Amazon Machine Images in a number of formats and regions for consumption on AWS. All AlmaLinux OS AMIs are completely free of charge regardless of the deployment channel.


To learn more about AWS AMIs please see the AWS EC2 Documentation on AMIs (opens new window). There are currently 2 deployment channels available: Marketplace and Community.

# Contributing

You can find more information about how these, and other cloud images are built on our Cloud Images GitHub Repository (opens new window). Join our Cloud SIG on Mattermost (opens new window) to help out with the effort or for support. You can also discuss on our Cloud SIG Forum (opens new window) and on our AlmaLinux Community Reddit (opens new window).

# AWS Marketplace

The AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog used to find, deploy and manage software offerings. All AWS Marketplace products undergo thorough review and vetting by the AWS team to ensure security and quality.

The AlmaLinux OS Foundation's official AlmaLinux OS images (opens new window) are available via the AWS Marketplace at the links provided:

AlmaLinux OS 8 x86_64 arm64
AlmaLinux OS 9 x86_64 arm64

# Community AMIs

Community AMIs are images that are shared directly by the AlmaLinux OS Foundation for others to utilize directly within their infrastructure. Below is a complete list of currently published AMIs and their corresponding IDs. For purposes of automation and integration into build tools and CI/CD pipelines, this list is also available as a CSV (opens new window) file.

Additional Regions Coming Soon

Distribution Version Region AMI ID Arch
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 af-south-1 ami-05c6b5f37bd953869 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 af-south-1 ami-06a7920e41e1cabcd aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 ap-east-1 ami-0129ae4a598438e80 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 ap-east-1 ami-0e7c74782af5aff31 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 ap-northeast-1 ami-0a35f1f2a3e7b0ae1 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 ap-northeast-1 ami-05acfed4c91e4058f aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 ap-northeast-2 ami-00738bb13a7ca6e4b x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 ap-northeast-2 ami-0b0f8970da1707ad6 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 ap-northeast-3 ami-09ee2ddb4f217e04c x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 ap-northeast-3 ami-028a451fb0bf305d1 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 ap-south-1 ami-090949e51cf42617f x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 ap-south-1 ami-0c3c59dc13d9d16cb aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 ap-south-2 ami-03b4d7ead65470e0c x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 ap-south-2 ami-03f166b428d4c2027 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 ap-southeast-1 ami-044931d44db043cb4 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 ap-southeast-1 ami-0cfe7f03b253e475b aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 ap-southeast-2 ami-040f2b95bc64e1633 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 ap-southeast-2 ami-05df86443bd170e7e aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 ap-southeast-3 ami-091c51f4361a3f154 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 ap-southeast-3 ami-0dfdb270b317d1b0e aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 ap-southeast-4 ami-0ef97b1e284b50818 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 ap-southeast-4 ami-0a7d38fbe6a6c9fe0 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 ca-central-1 ami-0bf0f675b5d14da0e x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 ca-central-1 ami-0e7eb91f350fe4faf aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 eu-central-1 ami-0a658512216d24c96 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 eu-central-1 ami-01d75e924ca19248c aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 eu-central-2 ami-070bb094379372ed0 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 eu-central-2 ami-0c6fe8c477dd564c6 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 eu-north-1 ami-049595a950e8e0385 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 eu-north-1 ami-0c26d23a84d8dc319 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 eu-south-1 ami-090d1f0e8dfffe176 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 eu-south-1 ami-06a44fa79c7903545 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 eu-south-2 ami-05e7f4c75a6487353 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 eu-south-2 ami-0be7458e5ba16758a aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 eu-west-1 ami-079e0bb6fee33f68e x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 eu-west-1 ami-04a75d4fd5a6283d9 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 eu-west-2 ami-0dd080abce1bedd03 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 eu-west-2 ami-0a98c43100d0c9e92 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 eu-west-3 ami-02d04e1ba3ea2e27b x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 eu-west-3 ami-0d72d0002911e327f aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 me-central-1 ami-0c03d1553839ddc20 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 me-central-1 ami-01bf46f20f75d0979 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 me-south-1 ami-0cd9d64055cbd9273 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 me-south-1 ami-01ad3a10779016e68 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 sa-east-1 ami-0605748f23a6ac921 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 sa-east-1 ami-04705c6caf3a0b56a aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 us-east-1 ami-017cf0c1f7146f117 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 us-east-1 ami-0b1275709ee2b17fc aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 us-east-2 ami-0facb27d011fbaa8d x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 us-east-2 ami-0e2e1d6bf24d98428 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 us-west-1 ami-07bdb09c49774f92e x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 us-west-1 ami-023ddba91981c157a aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 us-west-2 ami-04f563356a15f3a0b x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.8.20230524 us-west-2 ami-01913cd7a88154ade aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230804 af-south-1 ami-00b3c25fa2d0c5679 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230513 af-south-1 ami-0fe1137657684be36 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230804 ap-east-1 ami-0bdb658fc2128169f x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230513 ap-east-1 ami-0ff7c26ccdc4f367e aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230804 ap-northeast-1 ami-02ab12afc4e326db7 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230513 ap-northeast-1 ami-0f5837a6b316bd781 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230804 ap-northeast-2 ami-03567e778f4f30ad7 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230513 ap-northeast-2 ami-0a622d7be8f225a30 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230804 ap-northeast-3 ami-0c0594170a3030ff8 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230513 ap-northeast-3 ami-08d94f8d751d00ad2 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230804 ap-south-1 ami-0a6d9e04df9fd0224 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230513 ap-south-1 ami-0cc85ff6a88c2d2f0 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230804 ap-south-2 ami-01becee9fb4851a80 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230513 ap-south-2 ami-0d8da6b1205281d17 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230804 ap-southeast-1 ami-049b86ee92f11a1a5 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230513 ap-southeast-1 ami-0add3207f0351178f aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230804 ap-southeast-2 ami-0df7ebb5ff01b12e4 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230513 ap-southeast-2 ami-00e2c63b826e4dc03 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230804 ap-southeast-3 ami-06bb96a69df5a5f48 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230513 ap-southeast-3 ami-0d45a88e6701ddb6d aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230804 ap-southeast-4 ami-002fc9ac0938507b5 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230513 ap-southeast-4 ami-0240817fff673a575 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230804 ca-central-1 ami-0733d3652816c4041 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230513 ca-central-1 ami-0d3058108a0ff1829 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230804 eu-central-1 ami-0e38621ba75f3b820 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230513 eu-central-1 ami-05f7a6689f5ea02ca aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230804 eu-central-2 ami-0b0a29073e4ef849d x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230513 eu-central-2 ami-0ad80d831032c1b7e aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230804 eu-north-1 ami-041046c6209bfe157 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230513 eu-north-1 ami-04f8c4bb179084c80 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230804 eu-south-1 ami-00ceff2bcacf851a2 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230513 eu-south-1 ami-0c1f182ff829a65da aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230804 eu-south-2 ami-07915cb471549c23e x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230513 eu-south-2 ami-0e10fa0a84ffaedc6 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230804 eu-west-1 ami-09498ff34ff558dfe x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230513 eu-west-1 ami-07524ba70bf13654c aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230804 eu-west-2 ami-061dc0ad1a537ea4b x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230513 eu-west-2 ami-0c1bd99b35a3a73cd aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230804 eu-west-3 ami-035b6d3cfaa1f191c x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230513 eu-west-3 ami-09ceef98c582e4ddf aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230804 me-central-1 ami-0f52e271992dafe3f x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230513 me-central-1 ami-02bfeb8880087d6e2 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230804 me-south-1 ami-0088e2c557c6b2fc1 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230513 me-south-1 ami-038873e9ca433d4fc aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230804 sa-east-1 ami-08a903468b427c1cb x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230513 sa-east-1 ami-01782ead73cd08acc aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230804 us-east-1 ami-0b1e78fb6f0d36eb3 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230513 us-east-1 ami-00a3e427999640fad aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230804 us-east-2 ami-0654164426a90341d x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230513 us-east-2 ami-0cee948d95563ce2c aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230804 us-west-1 ami-0efb8513c5965ac9f x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230513 us-west-1 ami-03c2122505de1f1f5 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230804 us-west-2 ami-0de7173b944752609 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.2.20230513 us-west-2 ami-055efbb8c361b318e aarch64