# AlmaLinux OS Amazon Web Services AMIs

AlmaLinux OS offers Amazon Machine Images in a number of formats and regions for consumption on AWS. All AlmaLinux OS AMIs are completely free of charge regardless of the deployment channel.


To learn more about AWS AMIs please see the AWS EC2 Documentation on AMIs (opens new window). There are currently 2 deployment channels available: Marketplace and Community.

# Contributing

You can find more information about how these, and other cloud images are built on our Cloud Images GitHub Repository (opens new window). Join our Cloud SIG on Mattermost (opens new window) to help out with the effort or for support. You can also discuss on our Cloud SIG Forum (opens new window) and on our AlmaLinux Community Reddit (opens new window).

# AWS Marketplace

The AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog used to find, deploy and manage software offerings. All AWS Marketplace products undergo thorough review and vetting by the AWS team to ensure security and quality.

The AlmaLinux OS Foundation's official AlmaLinux OS images (opens new window) are available via the AWS Marketplace at the links provided:

AlmaLinux OS 8 x86_64 arm64
AlmaLinux OS 9 x86_64 arm64

# Community AMIs

Community AMIs are images that are shared directly by the AlmaLinux OS Foundation for others to utilize directly within their infrastructure. Below is a complete list of currently published AMIs and their corresponding IDs. For purposes of automation and integration into build tools and CI/CD pipelines, this list is also available as a CSV (opens new window) file.

Additional Regions Coming Soon

Distribution Version Region AMI ID Arch
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 af-south-1 ami-014948030bad4ca6a x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 af-south-1 ami-01ae970a173c82b6b aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 ap-east-1 ami-0700ea155f1152372 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 ap-east-1 ami-057f653fad91a1743 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 ap-northeast-1 ami-0858f22342a1bbde1 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 ap-northeast-1 ami-0f8828311fe6cef96 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 ap-northeast-2 ami-0bf59eb3c6cf4291c x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 ap-northeast-2 ami-00b24d23800196a54 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 ap-northeast-3 ami-0020b3dc688604fc0 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 ap-northeast-3 ami-06ba675fc0e8651d0 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 ap-south-1 ami-0178afc66170580e6 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 ap-south-1 ami-0b39b7ee6f4eb8518 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 ap-south-2 ami-0e5e8995e09cb25f6 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 ap-south-2 ami-0bccc42b719af3b50 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 ap-southeast-1 ami-0f5bb6784895a7d47 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 ap-southeast-1 ami-080830647ac5d3cd8 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 ap-southeast-2 ami-0cb3218ca253976b8 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 ap-southeast-2 ami-0956e13441740b84f aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 ap-southeast-3 ami-015fd4608b8cdddb6 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 ap-southeast-3 ami-04567f47e1412b584 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 ap-southeast-4 ami-037da403e0b326061 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 ap-southeast-4 ami-00b51db229c8d69ca aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 ca-central-1 ami-058abe673c3467fcc x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 ca-central-1 ami-04b9e81fccf94822f aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 ca-west-1 ami-04ed6f901777531ce x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 ca-west-1 ami-074c1957ad85de59e aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 eu-central-1 ami-055ff64ecbdb551f5 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 eu-central-1 ami-0339da660d9bd237e aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 eu-central-2 ami-009ae556060c3cb09 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 eu-central-2 ami-0f285cd7caa5f81a7 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 eu-north-1 ami-0b6356d254fce3807 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 eu-north-1 ami-0ef09faa3acff7468 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 eu-south-1 ami-0e52ba33771b9d6e8 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 eu-south-1 ami-03f31c94a165dc554 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 eu-south-2 ami-0f44374022fc7fe46 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 eu-south-2 ami-0fa5f42e4c1e7ccbc aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 eu-west-1 ami-0140d89aad27ddea1 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 eu-west-1 ami-0cb220dce8f51931d aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 eu-west-2 ami-06c471e79216c99d2 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 eu-west-2 ami-0924365e920e4a439 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 eu-west-3 ami-0d6745d81122ab307 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 eu-west-3 ami-0ff25b3ac3dd768c0 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 il-central-1 ami-0b838441bf6bbe7ab x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 il-central-1 ami-02a043b1c30d39cde aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 me-central-1 ami-06d6f89e3dcbd83bc x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 me-central-1 ami-032db582b9a9142be aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 me-south-1 ami-044e3591ba7ad665b x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 me-south-1 ami-01f7a388db592581d aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 sa-east-1 ami-098e254f2ad20b326 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 sa-east-1 ami-092ff54c935619edc aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 us-east-1 ami-09ec283e9acdfa57e x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 us-east-1 ami-01b09fbeec4dbcc45 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 us-east-2 ami-0f7cd4077541d2e38 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 us-east-2 ami-0f3b70381350294c7 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 us-west-1 ami-0d970a1675718c8db x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 us-west-1 ami-098f70d6a84d86dcc aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 us-west-2 ami-09038309c9fef1936 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.4.20240509 us-west-2 ami-0a36573f6708f27a3 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 af-south-1 ami-0fdcf2e915f91e580 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 af-south-1 ami-01b7214ef37761bf4 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 ap-east-1 ami-0bde3030aba4acbd1 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 ap-east-1 ami-0b96caad4332cb4e9 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 ap-northeast-1 ami-0c972979a1769dfa1 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 ap-northeast-1 ami-014a0dce34fe6e080 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 ap-northeast-2 ami-0daea0902fa79408c x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 ap-northeast-2 ami-0d3272a495a10d44b aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 ap-northeast-3 ami-066e641c1cedca18e x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 ap-northeast-3 ami-0bedcfea9f38ee86a aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 ap-south-1 ami-01bc1d9ab81ff260f x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 ap-south-1 ami-07ff2678e1b9e6c3f aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 ap-south-2 ami-024e9b982b6267ee5 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 ap-south-2 ami-053ee04ccfbf0854e aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 ap-southeast-1 ami-06a17ffc4b76f004f x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 ap-southeast-1 ami-057b1e1ae4a517b9f aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 ap-southeast-2 ami-04bb899bf6316e668 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 ap-southeast-2 ami-0e6f103ec4d15c0ad aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 ap-southeast-3 ami-0356486d2f8978539 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 ap-southeast-3 ami-0c3a7b8880f7029ea aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 ap-southeast-4 ami-085cc65e2930db988 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 ap-southeast-4 ami-0ce17b7dab7396922 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 ca-central-1 ami-0315c5f5bdad73d86 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 ca-central-1 ami-0fd7760173d78f90e aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 ca-west-1 ami-051fb95624c777fb0 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 ca-west-1 ami-0d1c6190f9aea486d aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 eu-central-1 ami-0a75b8ebc843c5710 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 eu-central-1 ami-0fdab16b321760014 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 eu-central-2 ami-0986549c8d48765e4 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 eu-central-2 ami-0cfc747c8d7f83ba8 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 eu-north-1 ami-0695a9ec01f378748 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 eu-north-1 ami-0709b23778729fbc0 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 eu-south-1 ami-063da2058eb44a41d x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 eu-south-1 ami-0b2e392398136a991 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 eu-south-2 ami-0767cdadd23fdc126 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 eu-south-2 ami-046e93f8b9f90a919 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 eu-west-1 ami-05b27794428b1f590 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 eu-west-1 ami-0de293aa42f5e38b3 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 eu-west-2 ami-0097f954779ba26ee x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 eu-west-2 ami-021e1c7b57c8f3339 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 eu-west-3 ami-0ecbf87f824776cf2 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 eu-west-3 ami-0606bb0cfadeb286a aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 il-central-1 ami-03b1ae40940e9e7de x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 il-central-1 ami-057a8c32cc22bd423 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 me-central-1 ami-0cd6dd0aa4f8eb578 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 me-central-1 ami-0c53add5dce660d59 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 me-south-1 ami-042469376832bba75 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 me-south-1 ami-04ea3260753fab6cc aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 sa-east-1 ami-0ca042f2222d29564 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 sa-east-1 ami-0e72648b67d344e88 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 us-east-1 ami-06338d230ffc3fc0c x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 us-east-1 ami-0d3be641b88d22295 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 us-east-2 ami-0ed76ad331f153478 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 us-east-2 ami-089e3048ea849c24e aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 us-west-1 ami-0fba55aceacd9b3e1 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 us-west-1 ami-0f5f972450fe60771 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 us-west-2 ami-0cef4cad810fdcddd x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.10.20240530 us-west-2 ami-07100acafcee4d6dd aarch64