# AlmaLinux OS Amazon Web Services AMIs

AlmaLinux OS offers Amazon Machine Images in a number of formats and regions for consumption on AWS. All AlmaLinux OS AMIs are completely free of charge regardless of the deployment channel.


To learn more about AWS AMIs please see the AWS EC2 Documentation on AMIs (opens new window). There are currently 2 deployment channels available: Marketplace and Community.

# Contributing

You can find more information about how these, and other cloud images are built on our Cloud Images GitHub Repository (opens new window). Join our Cloud SIG on Mattermost (opens new window) to help out with the effort or for support. You can also discuss on our Cloud SIG Forum (opens new window) and on our AlmaLinux Community Reddit (opens new window).

# AWS Marketplace

The AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog used to find, deploy and manage software offerings. All AWS Marketplace products undergo thorough review and vetting by the AWS team to ensure security and quality.

The AlmaLinux OS Foundation's official AlmaLinux OS images (opens new window) are available via the AWS Marketplace at the links provided:

AlmaLinux OS 8 x86_64 arm64
AlmaLinux OS 9 x86_64 arm64

# Community AMIs

Community AMIs are images that are shared directly by the AlmaLinux OS Foundation for others to utilize directly within their infrastructure. Below is a complete list of currently published AMIs and their corresponding IDs. For purposes of automation and integration into build tools and CI/CD pipelines, this list is also available as a CSV (opens new window) file.

Additional Regions Coming Soon

Distribution Version Region AMI ID Arch
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 af-south-1 ami-08510a740432f81e5 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 af-south-1 ami-09d2b39a4260b3354 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 ap-east-1 ami-039b7435e7f484d98 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 ap-east-1 ami-0c3257e5dfc4c61b5 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 ap-northeast-1 ami-085e52dd9d7860848 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 ap-northeast-1 ami-0c23fb2d6f846dc60 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 ap-northeast-2 ami-0d8b793eaf40718b4 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 ap-northeast-2 ami-056064f03e2a5df94 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 ap-northeast-3 ami-0ce064c563f47e36e x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 ap-northeast-3 ami-059d29f668609e563 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 ap-south-1 ami-03a6a266835917038 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 ap-south-1 ami-09f2c171b02b50c3c aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 ap-south-2 ami-0c1e33dc6e90289ab x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 ap-south-2 ami-032a18ee5ee2cc4ce aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 ap-southeast-1 ami-0cd5e8f76f28e7660 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 ap-southeast-1 ami-05a59197dad894fd1 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 ap-southeast-2 ami-0ca9ecf52c7675e49 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 ap-southeast-2 ami-0eedc5cb08fe0a838 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 ap-southeast-3 ami-05c3420ad02617c57 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 ap-southeast-3 ami-03da13ce440a3c483 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 ap-southeast-4 ami-0d6d8deee4d47e396 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 ap-southeast-4 ami-0ab84c6e977b8bc6d aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 ca-central-1 ami-023ff0b8f59aec21d x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 ca-central-1 ami-07373cd36eb10eed3 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 ca-west-1 ami-0815c40de13090a6c x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 ca-west-1 ami-087db6998342cdb3a aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 eu-central-1 ami-018dad5f35e67bf7d x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 eu-central-1 ami-062193b3bbd87d511 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 eu-central-2 ami-0a8e401b521db4d29 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 eu-central-2 ami-01e8e673a7b00a774 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 eu-north-1 ami-0b629d70d155f83c7 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 eu-north-1 ami-0e5c46e912a5ffe91 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 eu-south-1 ami-03fbed55af2c470f3 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 eu-south-1 ami-03068ece59243d93b aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 eu-south-2 ami-045b34c0fd6ee3d92 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 eu-south-2 ami-018a7c71b1e3bfee0 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 eu-west-1 ami-00b1a041ac3676315 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 eu-west-1 ami-001d22ffbcfb50b93 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 eu-west-2 ami-0d748fe78c505dfea x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 eu-west-2 ami-063bc7a7350d5176c aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 eu-west-3 ami-08380fc04fc2be6a1 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 eu-west-3 ami-0cb46004551e3a452 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 il-central-1 ami-07b7ed7e55ed37567 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 il-central-1 ami-0ee540b55146bed52 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 me-central-1 ami-0e8fc724f93f0e519 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 me-central-1 ami-0285a779a0f14e26f aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 me-south-1 ami-0646cbe1ccdfd488c x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 me-south-1 ami-0e92ec4cb65ec3a2d aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 sa-east-1 ami-047bceb445bc75dbc x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 sa-east-1 ami-05ff872f580825fba aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 us-east-1 ami-097220738e8385b2f x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 us-east-1 ami-08cb25a10367f427b aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 us-east-2 ami-0348aac978099b30a x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 us-east-2 ami-0cd46224b4f973bbc aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 us-west-1 ami-0af26b44170f40d45 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 us-west-1 ami-0ee093c32a2571251 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 us-west-2 ami-066af4e2f1f398dad x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.3.20240303 us-west-2 ami-084130914413e8503 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 af-south-1 ami-01512c747dbf0bf24 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 af-south-1 ami-012855f2d75bdae34 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 ap-east-1 ami-0b2bf84a08297b417 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 ap-east-1 ami-03d014858b83c0f50 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 ap-northeast-1 ami-0309bae5707cdb666 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 ap-northeast-1 ami-05ffefe8555229d51 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 ap-northeast-2 ami-080fe96d77f28587f x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 ap-northeast-2 ami-0ae04ee6a655dd1e8 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 ap-northeast-3 ami-07f0ed5acbd253923 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 ap-northeast-3 ami-092ca586b268d5624 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 ap-south-1 ami-02ed2f4902a459ef1 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 ap-south-1 ami-0cc8d1367ba73bf1e aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 ap-south-2 ami-04e11133c79381ea7 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 ap-south-2 ami-098ea473418bb3bb2 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 ap-southeast-1 ami-04d8d2fa54690ed0a x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 ap-southeast-1 ami-056deda9579ba899c aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 ap-southeast-2 ami-0eaaa4ab0bdc60302 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 ap-southeast-2 ami-0cceee2c6ef46da83 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 ap-southeast-3 ami-043a97f2956cca1a7 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 ap-southeast-3 ami-02719e4ffb6fdec1e aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 ap-southeast-4 ami-0ace543c5e3733fb7 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 ap-southeast-4 ami-048c291bdfa2b4680 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 ca-central-1 ami-0d2717d60dee9c5fb x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 ca-central-1 ami-0649238f11819c51b aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 ca-west-1 ami-0edfeb62c32d1b65c x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 ca-west-1 ami-0ad3a77360145acdf aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 eu-central-1 ami-003d706f177ff7f7b x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 eu-central-1 ami-08de827e34303b2d6 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 eu-central-2 ami-0021bd871a2fc40ce x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 eu-central-2 ami-08ba15260817cc3a9 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 eu-north-1 ami-0b8bb9facd06bfd9b x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 eu-north-1 ami-08b6412810f6833e7 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 eu-south-1 ami-0371d1090041d5090 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 eu-south-1 ami-09ec34f731b52b079 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 eu-south-2 ami-0d3d19e0445af9cfa x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 eu-south-2 ami-048bb0b1362a43f5d aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 eu-west-1 ami-0dda4504ce381c9b5 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 eu-west-1 ami-02cc3270c18a83a81 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 eu-west-2 ami-064754db4d8362217 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 eu-west-2 ami-0159fee07e25c05bb aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 eu-west-3 ami-02e67821d8e9c3cdb x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 eu-west-3 ami-03cc735e63ae63fa9 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 il-central-1 ami-038aa94a1e1c6ad34 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 il-central-1 ami-052bf3b31699b68df aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 me-central-1 ami-0577cf8c6a1e49528 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 me-central-1 ami-057063e149e1b8a70 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 me-south-1 ami-0dd61fe051a869be7 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 me-south-1 ami-0bd880115048a070b aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 sa-east-1 ami-0e831b913162c0149 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 sa-east-1 ami-07e275bbc3c5d9cab aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 us-east-1 ami-0f384fefb431fbea2 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 us-east-1 ami-099b4f20875da4c84 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 us-east-2 ami-055399a26702a7902 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 us-east-2 ami-0c0a8a261fc032537 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 us-west-1 ami-067f8e25e1bdb4cb8 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 us-west-1 ami-05f440ccd5228ada9 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 us-west-2 ami-097dc4104a0162827 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.9.20240303 us-west-2 ami-0686c4529f381f8ac aarch64