# Raspberry Pi

# About Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi (opens new window) is a tiny computer used mainly for learning computing and programming. However, you may need a connection to a monitor and a keyboard, depending on your project. Raspberry Pi can run different operating systems, including AlmaLinux OS. AlmaLinux OS has been tested on Raspberry Pi 3 and 4.

# Where to get the image and guidance steps

The Raspberry Pi image can be found on repo.almalinux.org (opens new window).

Raspberry Pi Quickstart and After Installation instructions with videos can be found in the GitHub repository (opens new window). There are also steps how to get GNOME working and connect Wi-Fi.

# How to contribute

You can send all the bugs you may see on bugs.almalinux.org (opens new window).

Join the Community Chat (opens new window) if you want to help and contribute or get any assistance.