# AlmaLinux OS Amazon Web Services AMIs

AlmaLinux OS offers Amazon Machine Images in a number of formats and regions for consumption on AWS. All AlmaLinux OS AMIs are completely free of charge regardless of the deployment channel.


To learn more about AWS AMIs please see the AWS EC2 Documentation on AMIs (opens new window). There are currently 2 deployment channels available: Marketplace and Community.

# Contributing

You can find more information about how these, and other cloud images are built on our Cloud Images GitHub Repository (opens new window). Join our Cloud SIG on Mattermost (opens new window) to help out with the effort or for support. You can also dicuss on our Cloud SIG Forum (opens new window) and on our AlmaLinux Community Reddit (opens new window).

# AWS Marketplace

The AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog used to find, deploy and manage software offerings. All AWS Marketplace products undergo thorough review and vetting by the AWS team to ensure security and quality.

The AlmaLinux OS Foundation's official ALOS 8 image (opens new window) is available via the AWS Marketplace at the link provided.

# Community AMIs

Community AMIs are images that are shared directly by the AlmaLinux OS Foundation for others to utilize directly within their infrastructure. Below is a complete list of currently published AMIs and their corresponding IDs. For purposes of automation and integration into build tools and CI/CD pipelienes, this list is also available as a CSV (opens new window) file.

Additional Regions Coming Soon

Distribution Version Region AMI ID Arch
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 af-south-1 ami-06879a33768c37e73 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 af-south-1 ami-03031737c17871363 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 ap-east-1 ami-03af4fb218fae62a5 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 ap-east-1 ami-09679f1c5986e2e1b aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 ap-northeast-1 ami-0a1783b950111211f x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 ap-northeast-1 ami-009d68fefec25a2cc aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 ap-northeast-2 ami-07c5fef85d63f4fb7 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 ap-northeast-2 ami-0a59b2b7d589f2428 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 ap-northeast-3 ami-0c7e28d0545296396 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 ap-northeast-3 ami-0542560cfa2d5edd3 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 ap-south-1 ami-0091cfcd4ba9b9a37 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 ap-south-1 ami-081c9d3d707e55556 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 ap-southeast-1 ami-006036bcce8e9d7ed x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 ap-southeast-1 ami-0eda26cdedb5c81fa aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 ap-southeast-2 ami-080cc2506284f3a2f x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 ap-southeast-2 ami-0928a3db0ba169034 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 ap-southeast-3 ami-031cc8cc6afa42588 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 ap-southeast-3 ami-0a88ff261658b035f aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 ca-central-1 ami-037ab0bbea4aebba7 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 ca-central-1 ami-0f3403495a58d3756 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 eu-central-1 ami-0b9668b9532bccef5 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 eu-central-1 ami-067dcef02c6e395b2 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 eu-north-1 ami-01b63291a1c7b1281 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 eu-north-1 ami-0ed5ad2f526f7328b aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 eu-south-1 ami-0ef1fc251062e42a3 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 eu-south-1 ami-0e17bd4d6661477b8 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 eu-west-1 ami-06344d52e8094172f x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 eu-west-1 ami-06e8533171c1373cc aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 eu-west-2 ami-01b4bc47450a68235 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 eu-west-2 ami-09c941833421d0da6 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 eu-west-3 ami-01d5ba8fdee60b1ef x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 eu-west-3 ami-09f6fba907a071b2e aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 me-central-1 ami-060ae78660905b3e4 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 me-central-1 ami-034ac2de1148410cf aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 me-south-1 ami-011e7320a945b45eb x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 me-south-1 ami-0284bf6479e32460c aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 sa-east-1 ami-05c5cc57b6cc57d0c x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 sa-east-1 ami-068f2de84335adf2d aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 us-east-1 ami-01b0d82f988a1c270 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 us-east-1 ami-0fafd1e94da66dcdb aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 us-east-2 ami-0dc4f614936dbb2a3 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 us-east-2 ami-033c43718b33f3a71 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 us-west-1 ami-0a3e22f1c33544a78 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 us-west-1 ami-069d37e76c854cefe aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 us-west-2 ami-04977038d2afd4bad x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.6.20220901 us-west-2 ami-0c7a607c199a1ac3d aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 af-south-1 ami-069bc2f821b696cb0 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 af-south-1 ami-063ff46750e396b49 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 ap-east-1 ami-035b3849cd75613fb x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 ap-east-1 ami-0507fe735bbd1ff5a aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 ap-northeast-1 ami-0276b1f320a4eed94 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 ap-northeast-1 ami-010bad07c7377d3fa aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 ap-northeast-2 ami-0deb4fe85a558f83e x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 ap-northeast-2 ami-02ae00e79eaf541d9 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 ap-northeast-3 ami-04ecad3bbaee53ce1 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 ap-northeast-3 ami-0621a05fb010d19db aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 ap-south-1 ami-0c5d47c708bc1f196 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 ap-south-1 ami-0896b26729db37e30 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 ap-southeast-1 ami-08194d19d9be068b7 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 ap-southeast-1 ami-0c9d341197dbc15ea aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 ap-southeast-2 ami-01e991e53f4f2f9f5 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 ap-southeast-2 ami-0cf50a71bf116a3a4 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 ap-southeast-3 ami-0909b2ddc579c6c4f x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 ap-southeast-3 ami-0f4ae62fb84a808cd aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 ca-central-1 ami-0405d770fc6a47f33 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 ca-central-1 ami-0ad8946cbee87da6b aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 eu-central-1 ami-0cd34007f2a79c4a6 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 eu-central-1 ami-070a2196d1f4197b6 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 eu-north-1 ami-06dfd2fe337f4ffbb x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 eu-north-1 ami-08be6c989be8a3526 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 eu-south-1 ami-0111e8d246d213b9e x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 eu-south-1 ami-095e7c94ebdad0045 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 eu-west-1 ami-0674b24364b05ca95 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 eu-west-1 ami-07d28beb053f4d219 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 eu-west-2 ami-05ebfa3676bce494a x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 eu-west-2 ami-0560d7680b01a6485 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 eu-west-3 ami-06033d8fc9f30661c x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 eu-west-3 ami-0b4787b19735833a4 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 me-central-1 ami-0c92652d0eba00211 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 me-central-1 ami-0f2b6dd44effff04e aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 me-south-1 ami-02bd5c7f440a0bbd5 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 me-south-1 ami-0d9b18f1160dc3832 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 sa-east-1 ami-01ae415500c89c447 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 sa-east-1 ami-007c1510843dc8f7d aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 us-east-1 ami-0daa4c3261da5b1c4 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 us-east-1 ami-09d6ea79e7129634e aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 us-east-2 ami-06029bc230dc3829b x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 us-east-2 ami-0bd5ac335c1eb3a29 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 us-west-1 ami-0918aa054f5a888ac x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 us-west-1 ami-007a9225bc42d9213 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 us-west-2 ami-06e59a5f3a4771a3b x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 9.0.20220901 us-west-2 ami-0e8fce5d9cd0fccd5 aarch64