# AlmaLinux OS Amazon Web Services AMIs

AlmaLinux OS offers Amazon Machine Images in a number of formats and regions for consumption on AWS. All AlmaLinux OS AMIs are completely free of charge regardless of the deployment channel. To learn more about AWS AMIs please see the AWS EC2 Documentation on AMIs (opens new window). There are currently 2 deployment channels available: Marketplace and Community.

# Contributing

You can find more information about how these, and other cloud images are built on our Cloud Images GitHub Repository (opens new window). Join our Cloud SIG on Mattermost (opens new window) to help out with the effort or for support. You can also dicuss on our Cloud SIG Forum (opens new window) and on our AlmaLinux Community Reddit (opens new window).

# AWS Marketplace

The AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog used to find, deploy and manage software offerings. All AWS Marketplace products undergo thorough review and vetting by the AWS team to ensure security and quality.

The AlmaLinux OS Foundation's official ALOS 8 image (opens new window) is available via the AWS Marketplace at the link provided.

# Community AMIs

Community AMIs are images that are shared directly by the AlmaLinux OS Foundation for others to utilize directly within their infrastructure. Below is a complete list of currently published AMIs and their corresponding IDs. For purposes of automation and integration into build tools and CI/CD pipelienes, this list is also available as a CSV (opens new window) file.

Additional Regions Coming Soon

Distribution Version Region AMI ID Arch
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210803 af-south-1 ami-03df85ef6d291e238 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210820 af-south-1 ami-035a15e68f28e2dc4 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210803 ap-east-1 ami-0365d27519d477e08 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210820 ap-east-1 ami-03f16f3ecfd17020e aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210803 ap-northeast-1 ami-0ebdc8b742e48058c x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210820 ap-northeast-1 ami-00f65d7bcbbdb0fc1 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210803 ap-northeast-2 ami-0fd02a713506e5a9c x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210820 ap-northeast-2 ami-0074d7d9a537aefa3 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210803 ap-northeast-3 ami-039c9b41ac8321aaf x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210820 ap-northeast-3 ami-05155e45522d4a932 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210803 ap-south-1 ami-05d53865817a40770 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210820 ap-south-1 ami-0dc68177b72abe9c2 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210803 ap-southeast-1 ami-0c0ac71ab7f6f7441 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210820 ap-southeast-1 ami-040cedbe0b1efb341 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210803 ap-southeast-2 ami-07c24ac73c39c2b54 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210820 ap-southeast-2 ami-0382ee8b5f2daa416 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210803 ca-central-1 ami-07e451937be5e2b69 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210820 ca-central-1 ami-082e17027c28ae392 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210803 eu-central-1 ami-07c5a284b6058ac6b x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210820 eu-central-1 ami-09f24fe41665fdcc2 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210803 eu-north-1 ami-0bfb0749ee3f6f823 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210820 eu-north-1 ami-04a0162e1dfcba5a8 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210803 eu-south-1 ami-09f617b542913f7a4 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210820 eu-south-1 ami-0288f5b23814d7f3f aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210803 eu-west-1 ami-07472f7819f761956 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210820 eu-west-1 ami-01eeeb3c36df6973b aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210803 eu-west-2 ami-09407f87b7600757c x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210820 eu-west-2 ami-0f731b1b61e866d96 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210803 eu-west-3 ami-09c4416b4260e8ad0 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210820 eu-west-3 ami-0d941bd6fb870daf9 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210803 me-south-1 ami-0d7f5697021516c54 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210820 me-south-1 ami-01916d5faf796ea1c aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210803 sa-east-1 ami-02ab87d377da34f89 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210820 sa-east-1 ami-0b0e3b566fb853015 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210803 us-east-1 ami-01d55a1beae0f6d1b x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210820 us-east-1 ami-05410363fe9edf191 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210803 us-east-2 ami-012de5753a9b95cad x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210820 us-east-2 ami-06ef7f41d3378d6a4 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210803 us-west-1 ami-05322aa2ffb78c3a3 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210820 us-west-1 ami-07b2b0bccfdf5c961 aarch64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210803 us-west-2 ami-000e9cbfc3a0a9e31 x86_64
AlmaLinux OS 8.4.20210820 us-west-2 ami-0b010345dbf05af26 aarch64