# last updated: 2024-07-04

# Vagrant Boxes

AlmaLinux offers official AlmaLinux OS images for Vagrant Boxes. Images are delivered by the AlmaLinux Cloud SIG (opens new window).

The following AlmaLinux OS 9 (opens new window) and AlmaLinux OS 8 (opens new window) images are available on Vagrant Cloud:

Vagrant Box AlmaLinux OS 9 AlmaLinux OS 8
Libvirt Intel/AMD (x86_64) Intel/AMD (x86_64)
Virtual Box Intel/AMD (x86_64) Intel/AMD (x86_64)
Hyper-V Intel/AMD (x86_64) Intel/AMD (x86_64)
VMWare Intel/AMD (x86_64)
ARM64 (AArch64)
Intel/AMD (x86_64)
Parallels ARM64 (AArch64) -

# Contribute and Get Help

If you are interested in contributing or need any assistance, check the SIG/Cloud wiki page and join the ~SIG/Cloud chat channel in Mattermost (opens new window) chat channel on chat.almalinux.org (opens new window).