# AlmaLinux Repositories

Information about the main AlmaLinux repositories and how to install them can be found on this page.

Repository Description How to Enable on AlmaLinux 8 How to Enable on AlmaLinux 9
BaseOS Content in the BaseOS repository is intended to provide a core set of the underlying OS functionality that provides the foundation for all installations. Enabled by default Enabled by default
AppStream Content in the AppStream repository includes additional user space applications, runtime languages, and databases in support of the varied workloads and use cases. Enabled by default Enabled by default
Extras Content in the extras repository includes packages that are not available in RHEL. They are mostly release packages for additional repos like EPEL, ELRepo or the various CentOS SIGs. Enabled by default Enabled by default
High Availability The High Availability add-on provides on-demand failover services between nodes within a cluster # dnf config-manager --set-enabled ha # dnf config-manager --set-enabled highavailability
Plus This repository contains packages that replace a core component via patched functionality. Packages have a .plus added to their version tag. These are not tested nor available in the upstream product. # dnf config-manager --set-enabled plus # dnf config-manager --set-enabled plus
PowerTools/CRB The PowerTools repository contains additional packages for use by developers. This repository is also known as the "CodeReady Builder" repository used on RHEL. # dnf config-manager --set-enabled powertools # dnf config-manager --set-enabled crb
Real Time (RT) The Real Time repository is designed to be used on well-tuned systems for applications with extremely high determinism requirements. Kernel system tuning offers the vast majority of the improvement in determinism. # dnf config-manager --set-enabled rt # dnf config-manager --set-enabled rt
Real Time for NFV (NFV) The Real Time for NFV repository can be used to virtualize network services, such as routers, firewalls, and load balancers, that have traditionally been run on proprietary hardware. # dnf config-manager --set-enabled nfv # dnf config-manager --set-enabled nfv
ResilientStorage The Resilient Storage add-on enables a shared storage or clustered file system to access the same storage device over a network through a pool of data that is available to each server in the group. # dnf config-manager --set-enabled resilientstorage # dnf config-manager --set-enabled resilientstorage
SAP The SAP repository provides additional software components necessary to run SAP NetWeaveror SAP Kernel on AlmaLinux # dnf config-manager --set-enabled sap # dnf config-manager --set-enabled sap
SAPHANA The SAPHANA repository is tailored to the needs of SAP workloads such as S/4HANA and SAP HANA platform. # dnf config-manager --set-enabled saphana # dnf config-manager --set-enabled saphana
Testing Content in the Testing repository includes updates that require additional testing before they are released to stable repositories. Please, note, that it's NOT recommended to install packages from the Testing repo on production machines. # dnf install almalinux-release-testing # dnf install almalinux-release-testing
Devel Content in the Devel repo includes packages that are not normally provided in the base nor extra repositories, but needed for build-time dependencies of other packages. Devel is NOT meant to satisfy runtime dependencies or for long term use on general purpose machines. # dnf install almalinux-release-devel # dnf install almalinux-release-devel

AlmaLinux has a Vault (opens new window) repository that provides packages and isos for previous AlmaLinux OS versions. Also, the Vault repository contains 32-bit packages for the latest stable version to build. Vault and other AlmaLinux repositories are available on repo.almalinux.org (opens new window).