# Synergy Repository

# About

Synergy repository contains packages that are not present in RHEL or EPEL yet but were requested by the Community for the Community. This repository can be considered a pre-EPEL repo, since the AlmaLinux OS Foundation, as a member of the EL community, will make every effort to get packages into EPEL so that they become widely available on all RHEL-compatible distributions. The release package of the Synergy repository also allows you to use it not only with AlmaLinux, but with any RHEL-compatible distribution, see the instructions below.

Package removal policy

Please, note, that as soon as a package is in EPEL or RHEL, it will be removed from the Synergy repository.

# Enabling the repository

Synergy repository can be enabled for AlmaLinux OS and for other distros in EL-ecosystem like RHEL, CentOS, Rocky Linux, etc.

To enable the Synergy repository on AlmaLinux machines run the following command:

dnf install -y almalinux-release-synergy

To enable the Synergy repository on any RHEL-compatible distribution run the following command:

dnf install -y https://repo.almalinux.org/almalinux/almalinux-release-synergy-latest-$(rpm -E %rhel).noarch.rpm

Enabling PowerTools/CRB repository

Please, note, that enabling the Synergy repository will also automatically enable EPEL and PowerTools/CRB repositories if epel-release provided by your distribution is recent enough. If you still don't have PowerTools/CRB enabled you should run the following:

dnf update -y epel-release
crb enable

Distributions without epel-release package

If your distribution doesn't provide epel-release package you'll get a dependency error during almalinux-release-synergy package install. In this case use the following command to enable the Synergy repository:

dnf install -y https://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/epel/epel-release-latest-$(rpm -E %rhel).noarch.rpm \
               https://repo.almalinux.org/almalinux/almalinux-release-synergy-latest-$(rpm -E %rhel).noarch.rpm

Available packages can also be found on repo.almalinux.org (opens new window):

You can use the closest mirror (opens new window) for faster access.

# Request a package

A package can be requested via Packaging chat channel (opens new window) in Mattermost. To be included in the Synergy repository, a package must meet the following criteria:

  • The package must not be in the RHEL repositories (including additional repositories like RT, NFV, SAP, etc.)
  • The package must not be in the EPEL repository
  • The package must not update, replace, or conflict with packages from RHEL and EPEL
  • The package developer does not maintain a YUM/DNF repository for RHEL-compatible distributions