# last modified: 2024-06-12

# CentOS SIGs Repositories

CentOS Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are smaller groups within the CentOS community that focus on a small set of issues, in order to either create awareness or to focus on development along a specific topic. SIGs are often very popular and used quite frequently by the community. AlmaLinux has decided to make upstream CentOS SIGs usable from within AlmaLinux for the community's benefit. We encourage contributors interested in SIG development to work upstream and submit contributions there.


Since CentOS 8 Stream has reached its End-Of-Life, corresponding CentOS SIGs packages for AlmaLinux OS 8 are no longer valid and have been removed from the list.

# Cloud SIG

The Cloud SIG (opens new window) focuses on issues around running Cloud Infrastructure / Hypervisor for on-premise clouds as well as supports other SIGs and projects looking to consume some of the shared resources around on-premise cloud infra.

Package How to Enable on AlmaLinux 9
OpenStack Antelope # dnf install centos-release-openstack-antelope
OpenStack Bobcat # dnf install centos-release-openstack-bobcat
OpenStack Caracal # dnf install centos-release-openstack-caracal
OpenStack Client Xena # dnf install centos-release-openstackclient-xena
OpenStack Yoga # dnf install centos-release-openstack-yoga
Openstack Zed # dnf install centos-release-openstack-zed
okd-4.13 # dnf install centos-release-okd-4.13
okd-4.14 # dnf install centos-release-okd-4.14
okd-4.15 # dnf install centos-release-okd-4.15
okd-4.16 # dnf install centos-release-okd-4.16

# Messaging SIG

The Messaging SIG (opens new window) provides a unique source for messaging-related packages.

Package How to Enable on AlmaLinux 9
Rabbit 3.8 # dnf install centos-release-rabbitmq-38

# Network Functions Virtualization SIG

The Network Functions Virtualization SIG (opens new window) provides a stack that will serve as a platform for the deployment and testing of virtual network functions.

Package How to Enable on AlmaLinux 9
Openvswitch 2.x
OVN 20.12.x
# dnf install centos-release-nfv-openvswitch

# Operational Tooling SIG

The Ops Tools SIG (opens new window) provides logging, monitoring and other operational tools for operators, system administrators, devops and developers doing infrastructure engineering on content based on CentOS Linux and related distributions.

Package How to Enable on AlmaLinux 9
collectd 5.x # dnf install centos-release-opstools

# Storage SIG

The Storage SIG (opens new window) focuses on deploying CentOS/AlmaLinux as a storage node.

Package How to Enable on AlmaLinux 9
Ceph 16 Pacific # dnf install centos-release-ceph-pacific
Ceph 17 Quincy # dnf install centos-release-ceph-quincy
Ceph 18 Reef # dnf install centos-release-ceph-reef
GlusterFS 9 # dnf install centos-release-gluster9
GlusterFS 10 # dnf install centos-release-gluster10
GlusterFS 11 # dnf install centos-release-gluster11
NFS Ganesha 4 # dnf install centos-release-nfs-ganesha4
NFS Ganesha 5 # dnf install centos-release-nfs-ganesha5
Samba 4.14 # dnf install centos-release-samba414
Samba 4.15 # dnf install centos-release-samba415
Samba 4.16 # dnf install centos-release-samba416
Samba 4.17 # dnf install centos-release-samba417
Samba 4.18 # dnf install centos-release-samba418
Samba 4.19 # dnf install centos-release-samba419
Samba 4.20 # dnf install centos-release-samba420

# Virtualization SIG

The Virtualization SIG (opens new window) aims to deliver a user consumable full stack for virtualization technologies. This includes delivery, deployment, management, update and patch application (for full lifecycle management) of the baseline platform when deployed in sync with a technology curated by the Virt-SIG.

Package How to Enable on AlmaLinux 9
oVirt 4.5 # dnf install centos-release-ovirt45