# Core SIG

The Core team is responsible for the AlmaLinux OS distribution itself. This includes, but is not limited to building new distribution versions, delivering updates, core tooling development, and maintenance.

The Core SIG uses the SIG/Core (opens new window) chat channel for communication.

# Deliverables

# Help wanted

  • Technical writers for working on announcements, security bulletins, wiki articles and so on.
  • RPM packagers/maintainers.
  • Bug reports processing: collecting information, reproducing, escalating to developers, communicating upstream, etc.
  • Design and automate test scenarios: Ansible, Bats (opens new window), Bash, CI/CD, Testinfra (opens new window), Packer (opens new window), Python, AWS, Azure, etc.
  • Bash and Python developers for working on distribution tooling.
  • Python, PostgreSQL developers for working on our monitoring/build systems and other projects.

If you can help, please join us at Core SIG on Mattermost (opens new window)

# SIG members