# HPC and AI SIG

AlmaLinux is the ideal Linux choice for HPC and AI applications, and the HPC and AI SIG is here to help you make the most of it. We are a group of HPC and AI experts who use AlmaLinux to power our projects and share our knowledge with the AlmaLinux community. We promote the benefits of AlmaLinux for HPC and AI, provide guidance and support for AlmaLinux users in HPC and AI, and represent the interests and needs of the HPC and AI community within AlmaLinux. Join us today and discover how AlmaLinux can boost your HPC and AI performance and productivity.

# How to Join

Joining is easy! You can show up to a meeting, pick up an issue from the list by assigning it to yourself, or ask questions in chat! Not every contributor wants to be a part of the SIG, but if you do, joining is simple.

Where we chat

Where and when we meet

The HPC and AI SIG gathers quarterly as a group for open discussion. The HPC and AI SIG also occasionally presents on HPC and AI-related topics and hosts community gatherings at HPC and AI-related events. Quarterly meetings and other events are announced via the HPC and AI Mailing List (opens new window).

# Activities, projects, and deliverables

  • AlmaLinux System Series guidance on deploying AlmaLinux in HPC and AI environments.
  • Example configuration files for deploying Slurm and other HPC software on AlmaLinux: AlmaLinux/sig-hpcai (opens new window).

# Help wanted

Contributions take all kinds of shapes and sizes, and we welcome everyone! If you have expertise or time and would like to help us out, we welcome contributions to our activities, projects, and deliverables above. We also welcome community members to present on topics related to their use of AlmaLinux for HPC or AI.

# SIG members

# Additional information for SIG application approval

  • We would like to hold our first quarterly meeting in April 2024.
  • We will require the creation of:
    • An HPC and AI SIG channel on chat.almalinux.org
    • An HPC and AI SIG mailing list
    • An HPC and AI SIG repo on GitHub
  • We do not anticipate any infrastructure or financial resources.