# last updated: 2024-04-22

# Migration SIG

The Migration team is responsible for two migration projects - the migration tool and the ELevate project, including documentation and upgrades. See the Migration section for more details.

# AlmaLinux Migration Tool

The migration tool is used to convert an EL8 or EL9 machine.

The tool supports the following migration paths:


# AlmaLinux ELevate project.

The ELevate project is an initiative to support migrations between major versions of RHEL-derivatives. See the ELevate section for more details and the update steps.

The project supports the following migration paths:


* - migration to CentOS Stream 9 is currently in process and will be available later.
** - migration to Oracle Linux 9 is available with the Oracle Leapp utility (opens new window) and will not be supported by ELevate project.

# How to Join

Joining is easy! You can show up to a meeting, pick up an issue from the list by assigning it to yourself, or ask questions in chat! Not every contributor wants to be a part of the SIG, but if you do, joining is simple.

Where we chat

The Migration SIG uses the SIG/Migration (opens new window) chat channel for communication.

Where and when we meet

We do not currently hold regular meetings, but work asynchronously in mattermost to accomplish our goals.

# Activities, projects, and deliverables

# Help wanted

  • Testing various configurations
  • Developing scripts for populating unsupported kernel modules and pci ids lists
  • Feedback and bug reports

If you can help, please join us at Migration SIG on Mattermost (opens new window).

# SIG members