# Marketing SIG

The Marketing team is responsible for AlmaLinux marketing and outreach efforts. Marketing is often an overlooked or eschewed term in open source, but without marketing efforts it's a whole lot harder for your audience to find you. We try to make it easy for the users who need a free enterprise linux distribution to find us.

# How to Join

Joining is easy! You can show up to a meeting, pick up an issue from the list by assigning it to yourself, or ask questions in chat! Not every contributor wants to be a part of the SIG, but if you do, joining is simple.

Where we chat

We use the ~Marketing (opens new window) channel for communication on the AlmaLinux mattermost server.

Where/how we meet

Meetings are every other Thursday on Google Meet at 9pm UTC. Join the Marketing channel on chat.almalinux.org (opens new window) and ask benny for the meeting invite! Our meeting notes are kept in Google drive (opens new window).

# Activities, projects, and deliverables

Properties that we are responsible for:

We also provide content for other properties as needed by other SIGs.

Other efforts that we manage:

  • Event plans
  • Outreach efforts
  • Social media management
  • Press efforts

# Help wanted

Contributions take all kinds of shapes and sizes, and we welcome everyone! If you have expertise or time and would like to help us out, here are a few things that need help soon, and a place where you can find more information.

  • Mastodon automation - we use Sprout Social for scheduling ahead of time right now, but it doesn't work with mastodon!
  • Event management and staffing -- help us expand the number of events we can join by helping us staff events local to you!
  • Content writers -- especially for the blog and social media
  • Website maintainers -- our Hugo migration is complete, but we need to clean it up
  • Graphic designers -- we have sticker ideas, but they aren't nearly as pretty as they could be!
  • Website translations -- accepted through Weblate (opens new window), automatically sent to the website repo for merging in. To contribute, take a look at the "Help translating site" guide.

We have tons of ideas and bugs on the website repo (opens new window) and on GitHub Projects (opens new window).

# SIG members

These members share responsibilities between and among each other.

We also have a variety of folks who help us with PR, social media, and website maintenance through submissions to chat or just PRs to the website repo (opens new window).

# Marketing accounts

Here is where we track the different accounts that marketing uses, and who has admin rights for them.

# Various marketing-adjacent accounts

# Social Media Accounts

We currently have a number of social media accounts that are managed by the SIG members.

# Active accounts

These accounts are actively monitored, updated, and managed by the SIG on a regular basis.

# Inactive (placeholder) accounts

These accounts are only in place to keep the name owned by us, and to point folks to our active accounts.